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My question is in regards to Placenta Encapsulation. Little research has been done, but has shown proven benefits of consuming these tablets for women after they have had their babies. My first reaction to it was that I thought it was gross. But after reading several websites, it seems very beneficial to many ailments after childbirth. I would like to post a few articles I have read: Placenta Benefits Research Studies and finally Placenta Encapsulation Methods

I would like to know if this is Haram, Makrooh or Halal. I would also like an answer from a scholar on this subject. This is a very new practice and would take scientific proofs to know a proper answer.

I will graciously accept any answer but will not accept being judged. I am only curious on this subject and am not looking into it for myself, but for a friend who is considering it.


Bismillahi Ta’ala,

Walaikum Assalam,

Allah Ta’ala has given special honor to humans. It is this honor that prohibits us from utilizing a human body or its parts for consumption. More so, when the treatment is for something which can be assisted through alternative acceptable methods.

Positive Scientific Studies are not sufficient to over-rule sharʿi dictates which have an established Ijmaʿ on them. Please request the sister to consult her doctor to advise an alternate medication plan for her.

May Allah make all the hardship easy for your friend, Ameen

Wallahu A’lam,

Wassalamu `alaykum, 

Mufti Faisal al-Mahmudi

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