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Wearing of jeans by females

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. Is it haraam for Muslim girls to wear jeans? Some of my friends argue that if they wear loose jeans with a long shirt then there is no problem in it. I know it is imitating males and also kaafirs. Is it true that if a female imitates a male then Allah Taala n Rasulullah (peace be upon him) laanat (curse) is on that female? My friends also argue that it is not imitating males because there is difference between male and female jeans (there is difference in the location of pockets and zip etc) how can I answer this question? If it is not haraam then is it a sin? Also is it a sin for a female to wear half sleeve kameez among other women (not among ghair mahram)? Is it sunnah for girls to wear full sleeve kameez?

A. First of all, Jeans are not considered to be the wearing of the kafirs, since it is only a manner of the clothing for the people of other countries. In these countries, it is worn by many people and there is no special significance attached to it.

Secondly, jeans are not only made for males, they are also made for females, and are also loose.
This explaination, shows that it will be permissible for girls to wear loose jeans as trousers when they wear their gowns and Qamees over these (trousers). Wearing long shirts/jerseys alone with the jeans or other trousers, will not be permissible, since these are not long enough to cover the physique and other parts of the woman’s body. Remember, it is compulsory to cover the body in such a manner that the shape of the body does not become apparent. So, jeans worn as trousers under a gown, Qamees or long loose-dress will be allowed. This allowance does not extend to the act of wearing long sleeve T-shirts or shirts with jeans.

There are ahadith that state that the curse of Allah and His Rasool (SA) comes upon the females who imitate the males, and the males who imitates the females. The Prophet (SA) has also prohibited us from imitating the unbelievers. However, with respect to a female wearing the jeans, it will not be considered as if she is imitating a male or a kafir (as I have explained before).

So this is not haram and is not a sin.

However, it is also true to say (to some extent) that ‘the wearing of jeans’ by females today, has become a style and fashion which is connected to the western culture. Many advertisements are made by ‘so-call celebrities’ to encourage young girls to wear jeans. They advertise these (jeans) in such a manner that they display the physique and shapes of their bodies, in an effort to incite others to wear such jeans which will allow the shape of their bodies to be displayed in a similar manner. On account of this, the urge and passion to dress in this manner enters the lives of many of our young Muslim girls, and they begin to wear ‘jeans’, not as a need for a trouser, but as a fashion and a style of the western culture. The Prophet (SA) told us that actions are judged by intentions, and so, when this becomes the intention of our Muslim girls, it remains blameworthy and necessary to avoid.

As an advice, our Muslim women and girls should take the pious and righteous women of the past as their models, and should not adopt the fashions of the western culture of the day.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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