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Q. If I join Salaat while the imam had just gone in ruku do I raise my hands, fold them release first and then join imam in ruku or do I just say takbeer tahrema and go straight in ruku without folding hands and letting go to join imam. What is the rule concerning this?

A. It is sufficient for you to say the Takbeer Tahreemah and join the Imam in the ruku posture without raising your hands and folding them. This will allow you to meet the Imam before he returns to the standing posture after ruku. However, once you have sufficient time, then you should raise your hands while saying the Takbeer Tahreemah and fold them for a short time and then release them to join the Imam in ruku. These acts are Sunnah, and should not be disregarded in this situation when you have the time to do them.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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