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Q. In the latest mail on Suratul Baqarah, it was mentioned that ayah # 281 therein was the last ayah to be revealed on the Nabi S.A.S. I was always considering that the ayah in Surah Maida announcing, in essence, that “….today I have completed your deen and am pleased with Islam as your deen…” was the last ayah to be revealed. Kindly enlighten me.

A. Verse 281 of Sura Al Baqarah was the last verse to be revealed to the Prophet (SAS).

Regarding this, Hafiz Ibn Katheer has quoted the narrations of Abdullah bin Abbas which clearly show that it was the last verse to be revealed.

In this respect, Ibn Katheer quotes Saeed bin Jubair (AR) as saying, ‘The last verse to be revealed in the Quran is, ‘Wataqu yawman …. (i.e verse 281 of Sura Al Baqara ). After this, the Prophet (SAS) lived for nine nights and then returned to Allah’. This has also been narrated directly from Abdullah bin Abbas (RA). He said, ‘The last verse that was revealed was ‘Wataqu yawman …. (i.e verse 281 of Sura Al Baqara). (Tafseer Ibn Katheer (Arabic) vol.1 pg. 445).

With respect to verse 3 of Sura Maidah which stated, ‘This day have I perfected for you your Religion….’ This was revealed before the above mentioned verse of Sura Baqara. Hafiz Ibn Jareer and other commentators have stated that after the revealation of verse 3 of Sura Maida, the Prophet (SAS) lived for 81 days and then passed away. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer vol.2 pg. 19).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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