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Wife having her own bank account.

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Q. I need some advice please on if a woman in Islam is allowed to have her own bank account. I know that the husband has the responsibility to work and provide for his wife, but what happens if the wife is say for example a doctor and she works, is she allowed to keep her money or a part of it in a separate account for her self and can her husband object to her doing that (having the account). Does she have to share her money or have a joint account with her husband’s? As far as my knowledge goes what a wife has in terms of money is hers and her husband is not supposed to interfere but I will like the opinion of the scholars. My husband and I are in this debate right now so if we could get your opinion on it that would be greatly appreciated.

A. The wife is the sole owner of everything in her possession and this includes her money. If the wife has inherited money from her parents or she is working for a salary she remains the sole owner of her money and she can keep this money in a separate account (entirely) on her name. She does not have to have a joint account with the husband, and she is not required to share her money with the husband, it is the husband’s responsibility to provide for his wife and he cannot demand any repayment from the wife. However, if a wife wishes to share in the living expenses, then she is free to do so.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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