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Q. There are 3 clothes … one polluted with blood, other with vaginal secretion, and third with urine. Now if we put them and wash them in a washing machine once will they become clean? Do we have to wash them separately or can they be washed together? Also if we see that we have washed them by hand and with the help of a soap and on the first wash the stain is removed in case of secretion which is white stain, do we need to wash it full three times still and wring it till all water comes out, because it is very difficult to wring it so hard that all the water comes out and because there are always some water left even after wringing it very hard.

Also please tell me while washing polluted clothes, the washing water splashes on our clothes as well, do our clothes get polluted as well?

A. 1) Clothing soiled with such impurities that are visible like blood and vaginal secretion, must be washed until the visible impurities are removed. Once the impurities are removed, then it becomes clean, and there will be no need to wash the clothing any more. As such, if the impurities are removed properly with one washing, then you will not be required to wash the clothes two or three times.

Clothing soiled with such impurities that are not visible like that of urine, must be washed until one thinks that the impurities may have disappeared. If this certainty is achieved within one or two (times) washing, then this will be sufficient and there will be no need to wash the third time. If however, you cannot achieve certainty that the impurities have gone, then wash until three times, and this will be sufficient.

2) The three pieces can be washed together in the washing machine and they will become clean.

3) By washing them with the hands and using soap, once the impurities have been removed, there will be no need to wash and wring for the full three times.

4) If impure/dirty water splashed on your clothes, then you need to clean them (by washing). If the water is not impure/dirty, then there is no need to wash the clothes.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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