I wanted to know the history of Eid ul Fitr?

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I wanted to know the history of Eid ul Fitr?


It is evident from the traditions recorded by Imam Bukhari that when the Prophet (S.A) entered Madina and saw the Jews fasting on the day of Ashura due to the fact that Allah had given deliverance to Moosa (A.S) on this day, he also began fast on this day and also commanded his companions to fast. Imam Ahmad reports from Muaz (R.A) that along with this he also fasted on three days every month when he came to Madina.

This manner of observing the fast continued until Shabaan 2A.H when the law of fasting in Ramadaan was revealed in verse 185 of Sura Baqara. Upon this, the fast of Ramadaan became compulsory and all other fasts became optional. (Ibn Jareer, Ibn Katheer)

According to Ibn Jareer, as quoted by Hafiz Ibn Kahteer, the law regarding Sadaqatul Fitr was revealed in the same year (i.e. Ramadaan of 2A.H) and the establishment of Eid-ul-Fitr also came at the same time. This was the first Eid Salaah which the Prophet offered in the open ground and became a regular practice in the years to follow. According to the tradition recorded by Imam Bukhari, he invited all the Muslims, males and females, young and old to the place of Eid in order to celebrate the day and asked the women who were in their menses to refrain from the praying area. It is in this context he said, “For every nation there is a day of celebration, and our celebration is the Eid”. (Bukhari, Muslim).

He also mentioned that on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr the servants are given their full rewards for having done a great amount of worship during the month of Ramadaan. He also called the day of Eid as the day of prize giving when Allah gives prizes to all his servants. (Baihaqi).

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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