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Paying Huffaz for leading Taraweeh.

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Q. Is it Jaiz to pay Huffaz for leading Taraweeh? Doesn’t this lead or lend to something like paying to read the quran, and what is the difference between this and paying a Hafiz to lead the Daily Namaz?

A. No it is not permissible to pay Hufaz for leading the Taraweeh. The difference between this and that of paying a Hafiz to lead the daily namaz is that in the case of the daily salat, the hafiz is hired as an Imam or an assistant Imam to lead the salat. In this, he is being paid for his commitment to fulfill this religious duty which is needed to be established at this time. In fulfilling this, the hafiz may have to leave his own close by masjid to be at the relevant masjid for leading and performing salat. As such he is given a task of leading the relevant Salaah and to commit him to this job, the masjid committee may pay him a wage for fulfilling this task.

However if the hafiz is not hired as an Imam or an assistant Imam and he resides in the locality of a masjid then he should not seek a payment for leading the Salaah. Even if he is asked to lead Salaah in a certain masjid, he should not seek a wage for doing this. He must understand that it is his religious duty to fulfill this role whenever he is called upon to do so.

As for taraweeh Salaah, this is not one that is done through the year, it occurs only in the month of Ramadhan and the hufaz are called upon to lead the taraweeh because of the fact that they have been bestowed with the gift from Allah by having learnt the entire Quran. As such, when they lead the taraweeh they should look at it as an opportunity to do a service for the deen of Allah rather that doing a service for the people.

The duty of leading the taraweeh Salaah is not viewed as a job where one is employed and he depends upon it in looking after himself and his family members like that of an Imam or a teacher of ilm who is involved in their work full time through the year.

The Hafiz is normally requested to fulfill this duty of leading the taraweeh so that the entire Quran can be recited. The taraweeh Salaah is also not a fard Salaah nor is the act of reciting the entire Quran a compulsory one. The absence of the hafiz leading the taraweeh does not bring about the non fulfillment of performing the taraweeh salaah. As such, the act of paying a hafiz of taraweeh cannot be looked at as paying one to fulfill an established religious duty like the five time daily Salaah etc.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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