Muslim – non Muslim marriages.

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What is the Islamic view about muslim – non muslim marriages?


Islam does not allow mixed marriages between a Muslim and a non-Muslim in general. The only allowance which was given in the Holy Quraan is a Muslim man marrying a Christian or Jewish woman. In the case of a Muslim woman marrying a Christian or Jewish man it is totally prohibited in Islam.

However although there has been an allowance in the marriages between Muslim men and Christian/Jewish women, the scholars from among the sahabahs (companions of the Prophet SA) have discouraged it since there can be many disadvantages in such marriages for the Muslim husband.

They have enumerated many problems that arise in such marriages. Among them is the fact that the Muslim husband is not able to practice (fully), preserve and protect his Islam in the manner he is commanded to do. He must compromise in his religion to maintain peace and harmony in his marriage and must allow his wife to do things which are against the true teachings. The issue of the upbringing of the children is also a major concern as to which religion they must follow. These and many other problems exist in such marriages and have been discouraged.

And Allah knows best.
Mufti Waseem Khan

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