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 As Saalamu  Alaikum,

I work in a Muslim school and some teachers decided to have a competition on designing a rangoli, which has something to do with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. I hated it in my heart, but they called and viewed it as having’ Tolerance’ for others. Next, they decided to have food and sweets made for lunch all part of tolerance and probably to appease the non-Muslims there. I did not partake of the Divali lunch. I strongly felt this rangoli was like a dawah in the propagation of shirk and associating partners with Allah. I am sure that many felt miffed at my lack of participation. Did I act correctly? I know I should have spoken out about the rangoli but no one would have supported my view or see it that way and it would would have created friction. I know that was the weakest of faith on my part and it did bother me that I couldn’t tell the children don’t do it. What is the Islamic view on this?


Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

As a Muslim school, it was totally Haram (unlawful) to have a competition on designing the said Rangoli, and also to have a ‘Divali Lunch’. This in reality, was not ‘tolerance’, instead, it was a compromise in one’s religion (Islam) and a support to a festival that is associated with shirk.

It was good that you did not participate in the design, and also did not partake in the Divali lunch.

This was the correct thing to do for you as a Muslim, and for all Muslims.

There is no blame upon you for not saying anything, seeing that you realised that speaking out against it would have created friction. The blame will fall upon those who organized it and participated in it.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan


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