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Types Of Salaah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net


can you explain the types of salaah and what each one mean eg: sunnah nafl fardh waajib etc and why they are different?


The Fardh Salah is that which is compulsory. This is what Allah has ordered and a Muslim must performed such Salah at the fixed timings. Fardh means compulsory and cannot be left out or discarded. Grave warnings and punishments have been mentioned for one who neglects the Fardh Salah.

The Sunnah Salah are those which were practised by the Prophet (S.A.S). They carry a great amount of blessings and many virtues are given regarding these. From among the Sunnah Salah, there are those that are known to be emphasized (Mu’akadah) and those that are not emphasized (Ghair Al Mu’akadah). The emphasized Sunnah Salah are those which the Prphet (S.A.S) performed regularly and did not leave them out. The non-emphasized Sunnah are those that he performed, but left out at times.

Wajib is a type of Salah that is considered to be essential, but is not on the same level of the Fardh or compulsory Salah. The Wajib Salah is evident from authentic ahadith as well as the Prophet’s continuous practice on it. The Prophet (S.A.S) has also given directives regarding its performance and has warned against discarding it. This is why it is a Salah which is known to be essential.

Nafl means ‘extra’ and it refers to the optional Salah. Those Salah that have been established as being done by the Prophet (S.A.S) and virtues have been mentioned about them, but have not been emphasized upon the believers, are known as Nafl Salah. If performed, one will achieve great merits and blessings, but there is no warning or reproach on those who do not perform them.

These types of Salah are different from each other since the sources and evidences for each are different. The nature to which emphasis has been placed on each is also different.

And Allah Knows best

Mufti Waseem khan


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