Handling of the Quran Shareef and Quran Khatams at a funeral home.

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Q: Our understanding is that Quran reading is discouraged because of the incorrect handling of the Quran as well as the  Incorrect reading by some people, mistakes with tajweed , zabar ,zer etc? Please also advise specifically with regards to Quran readng at a funeral home.


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Quran reading is encouraged and should not be discouraged because of the reasons mentioned. Rather, the importance of respect of the Quran Shareef and correct recitation should be taught. Although reciting the Quran Sharif in the manner it is done so nowadays at the funeral homes may not be established in the Ahadith, however, if this practice is encouraged, without considering it to be a teaching of deen, but rather in the best interest of the deceased (so that he can benefit from the reward sent to him), then this cannot be deemed to be an innovation, especially when this is a great means to at least make visitors to the home of the deceased engage in some virtuous act and divert them from futile talk and activity which is very common. However people should not be forced to recite nor should those who do not recite be looked down upon.

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Shafiq Jakhura (Mufti)
Fatwa Dept.

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