Is it permissible for men wear platinum rings?

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Is it permissible for men wear platinum rings?

Platinum is a silver white metal, which is commonly used in the manufacturing of jewellery. It is also referred to as white gold. White gold is an alloy of gold and nickel. (Lexicon Encyclopaedia P226 V9)

NOTE: The purity of alloyed gold is expressed through the “karat system” where the percent of gold by weight is given as a fraction of 24.

For example 24 karat is considered as pure gold whereas 18 karat gold is 18/24, or 75% gold by weight.

Therefore, if the gold is more than the nickel, then it will be considered as a gold ring. Thus, it will not be permissible for men to wear it. If the nickel is less, then it will be makruh for men to wear it. (Hindiyyah p.335 v.5)

Men are only allowed to wear silver rings, which weigh less than 4.86 grams. (Ahsanul Fatawa p.69 v.8)

Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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