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Pandemic Advice – Adopting Social Distancing Regulations in the Masajid

Answered by: Maulana Naieem Mohammad


Are there any recent fatawa available on adopting social distancing regulations in the masajid?

Maybe something from Pakistan, as they were supposed to implement them.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيْم

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


The Ulama of the world have agreed that keeping a gap between the Musallees in the Masjid is indeed against the Sunnah and is undesirable. However, after considering the Maxim of Fiqh which states, ”The Greater harm is overlooked and the lesser harm is adopted”[1] and “The lesser of the two evils is followed”[2] (both of which can only be legislated by experienced scholars), the understanding of these guidelines is that it is obviously lesser harm to allow precautionary gaps in the rows for Salaat than to keep the Masaajid closed or to have the Masaajid labeled as the gatherings for spreading pandemics.

In accordance with the above opinion, we have found the scholars of Darul Uloom Deoband stating in their ruling “..in accordance with the medical guidance, it will be permissible for the Musallees to stand apart (social distance for Salaah.”[3]

Also, Mufti Ismail Kacholvi Sahib has mentioned in his recent Fatwaa dated 7th June 2020: “Therefore according to the government guidelines, some gap between the safs should be kept and the Sanitizers containing alcohol can be used upon entry or to perform multiple congregational prayers with different people until the current crisis remains – Our shariah has allowed such concessions.

It will be allowed to read namaz whilst wearing a mask as long as wearing a mask doesn’t cause hindrance to one’s performance of qirat and tasbeehat

To stand close together, shoulder to shoulder, and to leave the face open is amongst the sunnah of salaah, but it is the only sunnah when it can be practiced on easily and in a normal condition.

At the time of necessity, our shariah gives permission for ease, hence, we should take benefit from such concessions and ease given to us by our shariah.”

The above view is also the opinion of Darul Ifta Birmingham, due to the need of slowing the spread of the Covid-19 disease and as an effort to adhere to the Medical and Government guidelines, all Musallees are advised to sanitize, wear face masks, obey the advice of the medical experts and keep a safe gap in the lines for Salaat as long as such measures are required.

Only Allah knows best

Written by Maulana Naieem Mohammad

Checked and approved by Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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[2] Qawaaid Ul Fiqhiyya,pg32 # 20

[3] Fatwaa of Darul Uloom Deoband website 6/6/2020

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