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Did I need to give kaffarah for saying my wife is like my mother?

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I said once to my wife (when we were married newly) that you are like my mother, just as I got 2nd mother. I told so to her by my intention as she loves me and helps me as my mother. It was not my intention that she is having my mother’s place. My intention was mother is mother and wife is wife. I told her that she is like my mother because I want to say her that she is loving and helping me as mother. (Now we are having 3 children). Is this a sub? Should I need to give kaffarah? Please guide me.


(Fatwa: 1521/975/L=1433)

If you intended while pronouncing the sentence “you are like my mother” that she loves and helps you like your mother and you did not intend ‘talaq’ or ‘zihar’ by this sentence then it will not have any effect on your nikah and you will not have to pay any kaffarah.
وإن نوى بأنت على مثل أمي أو كأمى … براً او ظهاراً أو طلاقاً صحت نيته ووقع ما نواه لأنه كناية والا ينو شيئاً أو حذف الكاف لغا وتعين الأدنى أى البر يعنى الكرامة (الدر المختار مع الشامى : 5/131)

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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