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Can 35k Mehar be paid at once without wife’s request?

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Question ——- Seeking FATWA ON PAYMENT OF MEHAR (Marriage /NIKAH ) ————————————————– 1. I was married in the year 1969. 2.The Mehar was fixed for Rs 35,000.00 (thirty five thousand only). 3.The payment terms were as below ( a ) half mehar was Mawaj-jal ( b ) half mehar was Mauj-jal. 4. I have not paid the Mehar as I was not financially sound in the early years. 5.My wife did not ask for any Meher dues and I thought that I would pay whenever my wife would demand payment of her dues. 6. However my wife till date did not demand any payment. 7. Now I wish to be relived from the burden of Mehar as per agreed mehar terms and pay the Mehar now in the year 2009. The Clarification sought is as under———— ( a )Can I pay the total amount in one time payment .Rs 35,000.00 immediately though she has not yet asked for the Money. ( b ) Do I need to pay much more than Rs 35,000.00 as I have not paid her dues for the last 40 years. Does this need to be reviewed taking into account the inflation and fall in the value of the Rupee since last 40 years. ( c ) In case I need to pay more than Rs 35,000.00—How much more should be paid as her rightful Mehar dues ?????? COULD YOU PLEASE INSTRUCT IN LIGHT OF SHARIAT. Thanks

(Fatwa: 1237/966=H/1430)


You are required to pay only the 35 thousand which was fixed. However, if you pay it with some addition willingly, there is no wrong in it.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best
Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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