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Should names with “decorated” meaning be avoided?

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I named my twin boys (just born) as Muzayyan and Mazeen. When I ask about these names to imam, he is not interested in these names because he said the meaning of both the names is decorated and the meaning “decorated” may come under Makrooh category which is better to be avoided. He asked me to keep some other good names. I too know we should see halal, haram, makrooh in our doings but while selecting the names whether we have to see such criteria? Also I want to know whether the meaning decorated should fall under makrooh category and whether names having these types of meaning be kept or not or to avoid? Please suggest me about this. If the name meaning falls under makrooh category and an avoidable meaning, please tell that too and suggest me with some other good names. I want only halal meaning.


(Fatwa: 742/720/N=1433)

It is lawful and right to keep the name Muzayyan. It means decorated. It is also lawful to keep the name Mazeen. It means: person with beaming face (Taj al-Uroos 36:169 published by Kuwait Govt.)
And if you keep the name Muzayyan then it is far better as it is the name of the father of an Ansari Badari Sahabi as well as the name of the grandfather of an Undulusi Maliki Faqih. (Taj al-Uroos 36:173)
However, the most beloved names to Allah are Abdullah and Abdur Rahman, as it is mentioned in hadith.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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