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How can I reconcile with family according to Islam and Sunnah despite pressure to give talaq?

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Asaalam Mufti Sab I married aug 2008 I have a daughter of 8 months i have problems with both my wife and mother and was unable to balance both the realtion one side my mother in law is always disturbing our relation and another side i am unable for mannage my mother also as even she wants me to leave her , 2 months back i send my wife to there parents house and called there uncles that i have decided to leave her and i told as per islam i married and as per islam i will leave , they are treathening and harrasing me and also called that even my wife does not want to continue with me , I want to know whether if my mother forces me to give talaq and if i give is there is gunnah for me (as my mother has got some of my personal details which my wife has told me ) and my mother also tells if u want to leave with me u should leave ur wife , the other side i am not getting support from my wife, my inlaws and my parents i want to reconcile i want my parents, my wife and daughter also please suggest me as per islam and sunnat


(Fatwa: 273/241/H=1431)

You must not think to leave your wife or divorce her. Maintain good relationship with your mother and mother-in-law in dealing and talks with due respect and honour as much as you can. There is a booklet attached with the eleventh part of ?Bahishti Zewar? which deals with the rights of Parents, Wife and Children. In the same way, other parts of the book too deal with the theme related to the rights of husband and wife. Keep it in your regular study and practice upon those instructions and commandments that are related to your matter. In-shaAllah, your entire problem shall be solved.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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