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How can I decide which Islamic organization to join to work in the way of Allah?

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I am a college student at Srinagar Kashmir.being a muslim majority region many Islamic organizations are working here according to their ideologies & the conditions prevailing here. Amid such situation it is natural to have conflicts between different ideologies. But the problem arises when different schools of thought start rejecting each other and go to such an extent that they call eachother KAFIR , and other ideologies as BATIL. Still they may not feel any problem for themselves ,but it does become a problem for a common man when he tries return towards the Din of Allah, or when he becomes serious about Islam and wishes to work in the way of Allah . because it is a must to join an organization to work in a coordinated and fruitfull manner . but at this moment one has to decide which organization is on truth (Islam) . I?m in a similar dilemma as which way to choose to work in an organizational setup. Probably I was fortunate to meet a pious man who reminded me of our real aim in life and helped me to motivate myself to lead an Islamic way of life . he himself belongs to jamait-e-Islami. when looking onto the good points every organization has a sizeable list on the other hand if we try to point out the bad points there also we get many. and these are used by people for criticism . the various org here are jamait-e- islami , dadul uloom Deoband, Jamait ?e- ahl-e-hahith, Tableegi jamaat , Barailvi, Tehreek-e- hurriyat and many others . the good and bad points in each of themand as such one gets confused , and con not easily find out the whole of it by self study .. In this regard I request you to help me in searching out the pure Islam Your advice is very crucial to me because it is about the most important decision of my life and on it may rest the Judgment on the day of Judgment. Also plz pray for my guidance and sucess. Wa salaam


(Fatwa: 1109/846=H)

The safest way for you is to start attending the weekly programmes of Markaz Tablighi Jamat regularly and try to join the local weekly Aamaal of Jamat after consulting the elders of Markaz. Also, apprise the elders of the condition of yourself and your family and join the work according to their guidelines and instructions. In-sha-Allah, you shall soon gain your target and get your life reformed and your Akhirah prospering. However, sincerity and determination of work according to principles are the key conditions to succeed.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.

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