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Can we recite Surah Fatehah in Farz namaaz in both Jehri and Sirri namaaz?

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I have a doubt regarding reciting of surah during the farz namaaz when following the imam. My question is 1.Can we recite the surah fatehah in the farz namaaz i.e. in “JEHRI NAMAAZ” third rakath and fourth rakath and in “SIRRI NAMAAZ” surah fatehah and zammil surah also.


(Fatwa: 703/530=H)

It is narrated in Hadith:

من کان لہ امام فقرأة الامام لہ قرأۃ [رواہ أحمد بن منیع فی مسندہ، و قال الحافظ البوصیری فی الاتحاف: صحیح علی شرط الشیخین، 2/345]

According to the above-mentioned sahih hadith, one should not recite behind imam surah fatiha in 3rd and 4thrakat, nor surah fatiha, surah muzammil or any surah in ‘sirri salah’. As per the hadith, the recitation of imam will suffice from those who follow him in the prayer, so a muqtadi should not recite quran.

There is another hadith:

انما جعل الامام لیوتم بہ، فاذا کبر فکبروا و اذا قرأ فأنصتوا [نسائی: 1/107، ابن ماجہ: ص 61، مسند أحمد: 2/376، شرح معانی الآثار: 1/149، مصنف ابن ابی شیبۃ: 1/377، و صححہ الامام مسلم و آخرون]

This sahih hadith explicitly says: keep quite when imam recites.

If there is some doubt still remaining, then please get its explanation again.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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