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Is it permissible to wipe feet when wearing cotton/woolen socks, or only on leather?

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I work in an office where there are western style toilets only, no ghusl khana or bathroom available for wudhu. So one has to use the wash basin to do the wudhu and for washing the feet one has to either wash the feet in the commode. I wear leather socks and just wipe over them but few of the brothers wear cotton socks and just wipe over it. I just want to know is it permissible to wipe feet even when we are wearing cotton, woolen socks or is it allowed only on leather socks. Please reply.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 149/151/N=02/1435)

All the authentic and reliable mujtahideen and scholars of fiqh agree that it is not lawful to do masah (wiping) over cotton or woollen socks which filters water, or which cannot stand on shank without tying due to its thickness, or ones with which it is not possible to walk 1-2 miles.
کما فی بدائع الصنائع (1:83 ط زکریا دیوبند): واما المسح علی الجوربین ۔۔۔ فان کانا رقیقین یشفان الماء لا یجوز المسح علیھما بالاجماع اھ
و فی البحر الرائق (1:318 ط زکریا دیوبند): وفی المجتبی: لایجوز المسح علی الجورب الرقیق من غزل او شعر بلا خلاف اھ
Therefore, it is not lawful what some brother do masah over traditional cotton or woolen socks. Such a masah is invalid, and wudhu will not be invalid in case of invalidity of masah. Thus, they perform salah without wudhu. (For details see: Fatawa Usmani 1:368-379)

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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