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Donating Blood and Wudhu

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Q: I embraced islam in 2010 and there are some things that I still don’t know. I asked someone if it is harram to donate blood and they told me that some scholars say it is while some say it isn’t.

1. Can I donate blood?

2. If it is halaal, do I need to do wudhu after donating?

3. Can one go to madresah part time? Where I live there is no madresah or lessons in the masjid. it is very hard for some of us who weren’t born Muslims because we tend to do haraam things due to lack of knowledge. I want to know how to read the Quran. Can you please advise.


1. It is permissible to donate and transfuse blood if:

a) There is a desperate need to donate blood; b) There is no other alternative; and c) This has been prescribed by an expert medical practitioner.

This permissibility is based on the principal of ‘necessity relaxes prohibition’. (Al-Ashbaah).

However, the permissibility of blood donation and blood transfusion is determined by the following conditions:

a) The donor willingly donates his blood. If he is compelled to do so, it will not be permissible; b) There is no danger to his (the donor’s) life or health; c) If the doctor feels that the patient will lose his life and there is no other alternative but recourse of blood transfusion; and d) There is no fear of death but the recovery is not possible without blood transfusion.

It is not permissible to sell one’s blood or to pay the blood donor. However, if one is in need of blood desperately and the only means to obtain the blood is to purchase it, then only will it be permissible to pay for the blood.

NB. Blood donation and blood transfusion is not permissible for the sake of beautification or for any other reason other than genuine necessity.

2. You will have to make wudhu after donating blood.

3. It will be excellent for you to attend a part time madressa.To learn that amount of Islamic knowledge is necessary which will assist you to live your daily life Islamically.

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