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Q: A boy in his 20’s is trying his best to be a good pious boy and trying to look after his gaze during the day. He however has one dilemma: at night his desires take over. His question is can he masturbate? If he does then for a week it helps him. He knows it’s wrong. What can he do? He is unable to get married for now, so what are his options?

A:He should try and get married as quick as possible. If this is difficult then he should not do any such acts which will arouse his sexual desires. If despite abstaining from all those things which could arouse his desires his desire overtakes him and he masturbates then it is hoped that he will not be punished.

وكذا الاستمناء بالكف وإن كره تحريما لحديث { ناكح اليد ملعون } ولو خاف الزنى يرجى أن لا وبال عليه …قال ابن عابدين: ( قوله : ولو خاف الزنى إلخ ) الظاهر أنه غير قيد بل لو تعين الخلاص من الزنى به وجب ؛ لأنه أخف وعبارة الفتح فإن غلبته الشهوة ففعل إرادة تسكينها به فالرجاء أن لا يعاقب – رد المحتار (2/399) سعيد

And Allah knows best

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