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I want to know if something I said affected my marriage.

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Q: I want to know if something I said affected my marriage. Once I was talking to my wife on the phone and I wanted to end the conversation quickly. I was getting a bit frustrated as I was trying to do some work on my laptop and she was prolonging the conversation. So, I wanted to say “ALLAH Hafis”. And then all of a sudden a thought came in my mind that if I said ALLAH Hafis in the state of anger it could affect my marriage. So I tried to say ALLAH Hafis calmly I think first. But my wife didn’t hear my ALLAh hafis me so she kept saying ALLAH Hafis to me and all of a sudden I was angry either because she was not hanging up the phone and she was making me repeat a word I was having wiswas about. As I have alot of waswas about dvorce I had a sudden angry feeling. So the second time I said ALLAH Hafis angrily, but my wife didn’t know I was angry as I did not say it in an angry tone. I was angry inside. And I don’t know I sometimes think I had intention of divorce the second time as I know a thought of divorce came in my mind and I was angry. Maybe I had intention or maybe I was thinking I don’t care if this word affects my marriage but I just want to hang up the phone. I regretted that I was angry straight after I put down the phone. Sometimes when I try to remember my intention, I have a strong feeling that I did have intention and that I am fooling myself into thinking I did not and other time I am not sure if I had intention. Should I go with the strong feeling? Also I think I may have deliberately tried to forget my intention at the time maybe, and with time my intention has become more vague. Also if the wiswas drove me to the intention, does divorce count? Please, reply because I can’t continue my life in peace without knowing the answer, i don’t want to live in sin and i don’t know what to do Jazak Allah.

A:Your marriage has not been affected as the words “Allah hafiz ” does not have the meaning of divorce.

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