Duas found on for marriage. I have exhausted every other mean of getting married, excessive dua, salatul hajat every day etc.

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My question is regarding a website I know you say you dont frequent other websites for lack of time, but I want to know if the duas and website are valid. I contacted the webmasters, but message dont go thru. Ive been wanting to get married for the last ten years and I have yet to receive a proposal that I like and wish to marry that guy. I do like someone and wish to marry him, but am afraid he will say no. I have exhausted every other mean of getting married, excessive dua, salatul hajat every day etc. This website has duas such as praying the 36th verse of surah yasin before tahajjud for 40 days. praying this dua “sahlam bifazlika ya azeez” 100x’s after any namaz for 40 days. praying surah mumtahinah 5x’s a day. I have started all three of these, but when I went on the site there was a link to a shi’ite site and now Im not sure if these duas are valid or not. Altho, much of the info on the site looks correct. Could you plz verify for me whether it is or let me know if the above mentionded duas are ok to do and pray.


Jazakallah for writing to the institute regarding your problem. You write that you have been making lots of dua to get married for a long period of time. You also state that you have had a desire to marry a particular person but you are afraid he will refuse.

Alhamdulillah, you have taken the right path by turning to Allah Ta’ala for your needs. Sister, only Allah Ta’ala knows what our destiny is and although we have lots of plans for our lives, we have to remember too, that Allah Ta’ala’s plans predominate our plans. I urge you to keep yourself busy in your family and community and go on using your skills and knowledge to help others in whatever way you can. An elder male member of your family or a respected member of your community can be asked to make a discreet suggestion to the person whom you have in mind. If you receive a negative answer, accept it as such that Allah Ta’ala had planned this for you. Do not take the refusal personally. Only Allah Ta’ala knows what is best for us as our knowledge is so limited even in connection with our own needs.

It is suggested that you recite Darood shareef 500 times daily.

May Allah Ta’ala grant your heart’s desire, ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Sister Fadila


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