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My parents fight with each other a lot. Can you please suggest any dua for that?

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Asalam O Alaikum.. My parents fight with each other a lot. They quarrel over small things like money etc. They even threaten each other with talaq as well. This causes a negative impact on my younger sister and brother as well. Can you please suggest any dua that I can recite to keep my parents from losing their tempers and love and care each other. I dont want my family to break up. JazakAllah


We most certainly feel the pain, hurt and the fear that you must be experiencing as well the lump in your throat and tears in your eyes. We hurt for you and feel concern for the deep emotions of you and your brother and sister.

If our feelings are so strong, can you only imagine Allah Ta’ala’s great Care and concern for you, your sister and brother. At this time, read Ta?awwuz ?A?oodhu billaahi minash-shaytaanir rajeem?. Turn to Allah and make sincere Du’aa especially with your Du’aas to forgive your parents and to create love between them. Forgive your parents and to create love between them. Encourage brother and sister. Gather them together with you and sit on your Musalla and make Du’aa sincerely. Also, calm your emotions and theirs and discuss your feelings with each other. However, don’t turn your sister or brother against any of your parents. If you have some elder close family member who cares for you and your family, perhaps speak to them about your and your brother and sisters feelings and concerns. If you have a close relationship with any of your parents, enlighten them of your concerns and feelings.

Try to assess if your brother and sister are experiencing any effects of stress or worry, like bad wetting, constant crying, drop in grades, night mares, etc. Talk to them with love and compliment or praise them on any good characteristic or anything good about them. Even saying like ?You?re looking lovely?, ?You are a good, loving, caring brother or you are the best sister in the world?, etc. This helps them to build their confidence.

Most certainly, your patience will be rewarded. Remember, Allah Ta’ala is indeed with those who have patience. Imagine, Allah is right with you, caring for you, concerned about you – how fortunate. However, may Allah Ta’ala remove your difficulties soon and grant you and your family lots of love and happiness, Insha Allah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best



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