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Is it permisible if i am married secretly, to make hijrah wihtout my parent’s consent?

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1)If i am married secrelty, do i need parents’ permission to make hijrah? Or will i be sinful for leaving without their consent? 2) Also, if i don’t need their permission, still, would i be sinful for making hijrah without even notifying them or am i islamically not obliged to notify them that i intend to make hijrah as would be married? I understand it would be better for me to inform them i intend to make hijrah before going inshallah but i need to know if am Obliged to do so? Jazaakllahu Khairan in advance. Salam.


According to the Hanafi Madhab, an adult female does not require the consent of her parents to marry or any other activity. The secret marriage will be valid if all the conditions of Nikah were fulfilled.

Sister, there are two aspects to your matter. One, the Shar’ee ruling as stated above. The other is a moral obligation. Your parents have raised you from childhood. They have take care of all your needs. They love you and care for you. Now that you are of age, you decide to leave them out in important aspects of your life. You wish to marry secretly. You wish to make Hijrah and enquire if you are obliged to inform them. Why do you care to ask these questions? Is your conscious bothering you? Do you fear them being hurt? Did they confine the response and attitude to you to merely obligations or did they offer you more than that? Why do you respond to them so selfishly? Remember, your parents are the doors of Allah’s mercy. If they are happy, Allah is happy. If they are upset, Allah will be displeased. How can you be successful in life without the Du’aas and pleasure of your parents? You state you understand it is better to inform your parents. Why not do what at least you understand to be better?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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