Is doing this wrong, if i have the book SAHIH BUKHARI with me hard copy and type a Hadis form it and send to my contacts is this a wrong deed sin

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i have an important question plz answer else i will be misguided. i have downloaded a copy of Hadis soft ( Hadis Software) including Hadis form SHAHI BUKHARI ,FIQH US SUNNAH , SHAHI MUSLIM , MALIKS MUWATTA sorry if i spelled wrong i downloaded them form now wat i have done is taken one Hadis from any book say SHAHI BUKHARI then send it through e-mail to all my contact all Muslim now the problem i recived an e-mail from a person i know educated well in DEEN he said that this is wrong and i may lead some people totally to the wrong path i am in great need of your advice is doing this wrong else if i have the book SHAHI BUKHARI with me hard copy and type a Hadis form it and send to my contacts is this a wrong ded sin plzz answer or else i will be misguided may Allah Bless you


Your zeal and enthusiasm to serve Deen is commendable and your zeal to be corrected is even more commendable.

Many people have the zeal to serve the Deen but do so in the wrong way, thus causing great harm. We agree with the advice given to you by the educated person. Hadith is a vast science with many rules and principles. A person who does not know the rules and principles of Hadith will be misled if he approaches the Hadith by himself. Every Hadith must be understood contextually and in a specific way. Obviously, that is the approach in any science. Nobody drives a car without knowing how to drive a car. Nobody operates a machine without knowing how to operate the machine. If there are two Ahaadith having apparent inconsistencies, how would a person not knowing the rules and principles of Ahaadith approach such Ahaadith?

It is human nature to suit oneself. Generally, in such a situation a person will choose a Hadith to suit himself. That is contrary to submission and subjugation, the very spirit and motivation behind Deen. We, therefore, advise that you discontinue with that practice. As an alternative, we conduct a Hadith programme two times a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. You may subscribe to that programme and circulate those Ahaadith to your friends and associates.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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