I have a friend (Muslim) but she is not that religious. I am confused if I should stay friends with her forever because this is just worldly friendship.

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We have been friend for a few years now and that’s why I really love her. I didn’t really practice Islam when I made friends with her but Alhamdolillah Allah gave me hidayah now. But I am confused if I should stay friends with her forever because this is just worldly friendship. And Allah says to make friend for Allah with pious people. But this is only based on worldly stuff, since this friendship is not going to be of any use in akhirah but only friendship of pious people will be of use. I also did istikhara whether or not to stay friends with her but didn’t get any inclination so I left it to Allah.(I don’t even know if I should have done istikhara. was I right in doing istikhara for this?) So my question is what do you suggest in this situation? Note: I am a girl and she is a girl too. This is not boyfriend & girlfriend situation) 2. I didn?t know that in sajda talawat you have to say Allah Akbar after saying subhana rabialaala 3 times. So I always used to say Allah Akbar and then go in sajda say subhana rabialaala 3 times and that’s it. So do I need to repeat all my sajda tilawats? If so, I don’t even know how many I will have to do. How should I count them?


1. Islam encourages good character and conduct. That includes maintaining
friendship with one’s friends on condition there is nothing un-Islamic in
such a relationship. If the relationship between you and your friend does
not lead you to anything against the Shari’ah, you should not severe your
friendship with her. You should embrace that opportunity to gradually
influence her to adhere to Shari’ah. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi
Wasallam) said, ‘Your Imaan is not complete until you do not love for your
brother/sister what you love for yourself.’
If your friend is guided through you, that is a great investment for you in
the hereafter. Maintaining friendship with the pious is emphasized but it is
not the sole source of investment in the hereafter.
2. To say, ‘Allaahu Akbar’ when performing Sajda-e-Tilaawat is not a
prerequisite for the validity of Sajdah-e-Tilaawat. The Sajdah-e-Tilaawat
performed without saying Allaahu Akbar is valid.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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