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In Islam is guarantor needed in any investments as investment will be either loss or profit. There are people saying that the guarantor will have to pay the amount if the investment failed and there is a loss.

My friend cheated me and others by saying he has an investment of huge sum of money and declared himself bankrupt. I recommended others to join as investors and he paid me for each person about 200 or so. I did it as a job. I already filed proof of debt in our country’s department. I did not know that he is cheating us. 5 years had passed and the bankruptcy department said no news about him. My question is must I make a police report and will Salat Hajat help me to know about him. Please advise, I just want to know about him before I die.

My friend asked me to invest. I did so. He asked me to recommend others. I did. Now he has cheated all of us and disappeared. Those whom I recommended are harassing me for money. I am in total depression and have no peace of mind. They are accusing me, some even calling me a conman. I am performing many prayers to overcome this problem. I am very, very sure I didn’t cheat anyone. But I can’t take the accusation. I beg ALLAH for forgiveness if I’m in the wrong. Four years have passed, but I am still in depression without peace of mind. Please advise. Do I need to pay all those I recommended?