Q5410-As there is no workload, we used to give safetime period to complete any work to our PL(project leader),he also does not give us extra work as there is no work load?

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Can I browse net in office time when there is no much work load (In reply to Q5410)? In UK,we work for BT on behalf of MBT.MBT charges BT for 7.5hrs a day on behalf of us.I came here 1yr back.Initially there was work,I managed in the office mostly in the work.Since 4 months there was no much work.So I am doing office work for nearly 4hrs.Remaining 4hrs I am browsing net.I can ask my PL(from MBT) for extra work (which is not urgent.The extra work can be some devolopement in automated test tools which we r using.It will help us in testing fast.I came here as testlist manager,automation tool devolopement supporter.But I used to be given testing work mostly).Our job is software testing.But we used to do what ever the required testing work given by BT.No one asks for extra work gerally and do what I did.My PL does not know how much time one work takes.As there is no work load,we used to give safe time period to complete any work to our PL(project leader),he also does not give us extra work as there is no work load.If there is work we used to be busy.Our PL may be knowing that we are browsing as we r not that busy.Compared to other collegues I used to be sincere in my work.Now my question is,1)Is my income haram as I have wasted comapny’s time for browsing net?2.If it is haram,what I have to do now? Should I compensate the wasted time by doing extra time from now nwards 3) Suppose If I can’t compensate the time by some reasons(I may be sent to India) what to do?


1. You will have to fear Allah Ta’ala and ask yourself the question, Have
you used any of the company’s facilities, e.g. online time without their
permission? If the owner of the company came to know of this, would he
genuinely be pleased, or annoyed? If you have misused any of the company’s
facilities, you should estimate the value of the services misused, and
return such money to the company. The remainder of your income will be
2. If your contract stipulates that you have to work for a fixed number of
hours a day, then as long as you make yourself available during those hours,
you have fulfilled your duty. It is not necessary to ask them for more work.
If your contract defines a particular task, then as long as you fulfil that
task, you have completed your duty. You do no have to ask for more work. The
spare time can be used in any activity, as long as you are available to the
company and you do not misuse any property of the company.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda


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