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Is performing Salaat in congregation Sunnat or Fard?

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Salaams. (1)Is performing Salaat in congregation Sunnat or Fard? I have been performing much of my Salaat at home and only a few of my daily Salaat are performed in the Mosque with Jamaat. Is the Salaat i performed at home accepted by Allah or is it rejected because i havent performed it with Jamaat?? (2)Also can you please tell me why many Hadith are used to make rulings.For example why dont we just follow 1 Hadith(ie Bukhari) rather than following 1 thing from Bukhari and another thing from another Hadith?? This is because,for example, in Bukhari shareef it says that we must say ‘Ameen’ after Surah Fatiha loudly, and in another Hadith it says we should say it softly, so why dont we follow what is being said in this Hadith(Bukhari)? Please clarify…Jazakallah


1. For males to perform Salaat in Jamat is Waajib. Salaat performed
individually is valid. However, as long as there is no valid excuse, one
should attend the Jamaat in the Musjid.
2. The same question then arises, why don’t we just follow the Ahaadith of
Saheeh Muslim? Why particularly Saheeh Bukhari? The other Kitaabs of
Ahaadith also contain authentic Ahaadith. It is not just Saheeh Bukhari that
has authentic Ahaadith. Imam Bukhari has not delved into a broad spectrum of
issues. In fact, relatively speaking, Bukhari Shareef has much fewer
Ahaadith than the other Kitaabs of Hadith. It, thus, follow that issues not
mentioned by Imaam Bukhari, we will have to follow some other books. Now,
without any sound knowledge, and without proper fear of Allah Ta’ala we will
eventually end up picking and choosing according to our fancies. It is,
thus, best for us to stick to one Madhab.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda


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