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A dua for warding off the evil eye and staying safe from it.

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Asalaam Alaikum brother Imam. Please forward a suitable dua to read for my son who is just about 2 years old and has a lot of anger a dua for warding off the evil eye and staying safe from it. Also, can I make a tawiz out of the dua which you will forward me to wear around his neck and is there a dua to read as we are having problems conceiving and when so, stop my wife having regular miscarriages as we are very sad about our recent losses. Thankyou. Your reply will be eagerly awaited, insha’Allah. Asalaam Alaikum


1) One afflicted by anger should read Ta’awwuz (A’oozu Billah) immediately .
(Hisnul Haseen Pg. 206 CTP Printers). If he is standing at the time, he
should immediately sit. If he is sitting, he should lie down .. and so
forth. Insha’Allah, this should bring pacification of one’s anger.

2) When someone is afflicted by Nazr (Evil eye), it should be treated by the
following blessed words of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam),
“Bismillahi Alahumma adh-hib harrahaa wa bardahaa wa wasbahaa”

Thereafter recite “Qum bi idhnillah” (Ibid Pg 211 )

Surahs Al Falaq and An Naas also prove effective in safeguarding from Nazr.

3) Upon loss of a child, the following Dua should be recited
“Alhamdolillahi alaa kulli haal. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon”
4) It is mentioned in the Hadith that when a (muslim) person loses his
child, Allah asks the angels: “You have taken the soul of my servant’s
child?” They say : “Yes” He asks, “What did my servant say upon this?” They
reply “He said “Alhamdo…(The abovementioned Dua)” Upon this Allah says”Go
and build a palace in Jannah for this servant of mine and call it Baitul
Hamd (Place of
Praise)” (Ibid pg 226)
– One should also recite the following Dua: Allahumma’jurni fee museebati
wakhylufni khairan minha

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Bilaal Cassim / Moulana Imraan Vawda

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