If I am sick with cold or flu like symptoms, is it preferred for me to pray at home, rather than going to the Masjid, for the sake of not spreading it to other Muslims

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Or, do I hold on to the belief that all good and bad occurs only by the will of Allah s.w.t., and my constant sneezing, etc., will not be the cause for other people to get sick? Generally under these circumstances, one’s employer would not want them to come to work, so that the sickness does not spread to other employees.


There are two views among the Ulama regarding contagious diseases and
sickness. According to Hafiz Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalani, there is no contagious
diseases and sickness. Rasulullah (SAW) said -Laa-Adwae (mishkaat)-(there is
no thing contagious). According to Usman Ibn Salaah, diseases being
contagious are possible. This view is supported by the following hadith –
Run from a Majzoom (person having leprosy) as fast as you would run from a
lion. (Tirmidhi). Hence the meaning of the hadith presented in favour of a
disease being contagious is diseases are not independently contagious. It is
through associating with one another. As this world is Darul-Asbaab (world
of cause and effect), Just as many aspects of this world, climate, etc,
affect us, so too associating with ill people also effects us. However,
every effect is with the order of Allah. Only He may put effect in the
means if He wishes to. In view of the above, we advise that if your medical
practitioner has advised that your sickness is highly contagious then you
should perform salaah at home until you recover.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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