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What does Islam say about Cloning. What are the reasons to why isn’t allowed?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org


The Western World is continuously looking for ways and means of making
strides in the field of Science and Technology. In their attempts to make
strides in this field, they tend to conveniently turn a blind eye to the
religious and cultural sentiments of the various nations of the world. In
their euphoria of so-called scientific progress, they are wont to trample
upon the honour and dignity of the human race. At the same time, the Western
World’s machinery of propaganda with their control over the mass media, is
busy indocrinating many Eastern Bloc countries into accepting their weird
dogmas and ideals. It would thus not be an exaggeration to say that the
devious ways of the West have not remained restricted to the geographical
boundaries of the West but that these ways have become an ideology
permeating through every comer of the world, making it a global threat.
Now, fresh from the stables of Western mentality comes the advent of
‘cloning’. The successful cloning of Dolly the sheep by a Dr Ian Wilmut of
the Roslin Institute in Scotland has raised hopes in many Medical and
Scientific circles of the possibility of successful human cloning.
The proponents of human cloning are already citing so called ‘advantages’ of
human cloning. For instance, they claim that success in this field will be a
great boon for those childless couples who have lost hope in acquiring
children of their own. In fact, hopes have been raised to the extent that,
according to the Johannesburg Muslim Doctor who recently made headlines on
the cloning issue, cloning may even succeed for those couples who have
failed to acquire children through artificial insemination.
As far as the Shar? aspect is concerned, my humble view is that cloning
should NOT be permitted and should be totally outlawed. In spite of the fact
that it could be beneficial (such as in the case of childless couples), the
harm far outweigh its benefits. Some of the factors that would render it
prohibited would be the following:
1. Cloning would become nothing short of a commercial venture. Already plans
are afoot in some Western countries such as America to clone past superior
race-horses so that the gambling and racing industry remain abuzz with these
fast horses for decades to come and the tatterstalls continue to generate
Haraam business. (Monthly Al-Haqq, vol. 32 No. 7 – Zhul Hijjah 1417/April
1997 issue). As Western mentality is programmed to concoct weird ideas, one
may see efforts directed next towards cloning film stars in order to draw
packed houses to the box-office and thereby keep promiscuity and
permissiveness fully ingrained in the passions of the gullible public.
Similar attempts could be made with regard to cloning sports stars.
2. Generic Engineering, which is basically interfering with the creation of
Allah Ta’ala, will be closely linked to cloning. The Johannesburg Muslim
Doctor explained to us that this would entail couples being able to make the
decision of WHAT TYPE of children they would like to get. With Generic
Engineering, the Cell Tissue extracted from the couple could be manipulated
in a way whereby the couple would be able to decide to have a
light-complexioned or dark-complexioned child, a blue-eyed or green-eyed
child, a blonde-haired or dark-haired child and so on. We can well imagine
what chaos this would cause in that when the child will NOT resemble the
parents, people would begin to accuse the child’s mother of having perhaps
committed adultery with a man having THOSE features, because the child does
not resemble its father.
3. When cloning will become commonplace, cell-tissue banks will be
established and people will begin to sell their tissues to these banks which
will result in the sale of human tissue, which is prohibited.
4. People will buy cell tissue for infusing into women, not knowing whose
tissue it is. This would create a great deal of confusion in establishing
family lineage, siblings, etc. and even result in brothers getting married
to sisters without realising it.
In short, cloning could pose a great global threat to the very ideals of
human society and cause mayhem and pandemonium in many respects.
Practically, all religious denominations have taken note of the evils
inherent in this practice, which is why they have all condemned it. In the
most recent issue of ‘Al-Balagh’ (Darul Ulum, Karachi monthly), Hadhrat
Mufti Taqi Uthmaani (Mudda Zilluhu) has, in his report-back of the annual
Fiqh Academy Conference, written that the issue of cloning was also
discussed at the Conference and all the delegates present had unanimously
declared cloning to be prohibited.

Mufti Muhammad Saeed Motara Saheb

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