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How can I read fajr salat?

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i’ve tried alarm clocks,sleeping on the floor, sleeping early, having people call me up reading certain surah before going to sleep.Is this because of hypocrisy? Muhammad (PBUH) said that fajr is heavy on a munafiq.How do i untie the knots of shaytan during fajr time?I try to follow the sunnah as much as i can(hair, beard,dress etc..)but i feel this is of no use if i am neglecting the fardh.i live in london.who can i make bay’at to? Some people who bay’at is given2 live far away (bradford,birmingham etc..) (ii)Also,my mother is not talking to me at the moment because i disobeyed her.Are my deeds being accepted could this be one of the reasons? i have heard the story about the sahabi who could not recite the kalimah due to his mother being angry with him.What can I do?I have repented and pray to Allah to soften my mothers heart so she can forgive me. i am worried if i were to die in this state, what would happen?


1. The fact that you are trying is a sign that you are not a Munaafiq. The
fear of hypocrisy is also a sign of Imaan. We should all fear hypocrisy, but
this fear should only be to such a degree that prevents us from being
neglectful. At the same time, this should be balanced with the hope of Allah
Ta’ala’s mercy. Too much fear will lead to a person becoming despondent, and
thus, leaving out good deeds.
2. Different methods work for different persons. Try sleeping with less
blankets, eating less at night, not drinking anything after Maghrib (unless
one is really thirsty). As soon as the eyes open at the time of Fajr, recite
the Kalimah and take up the courage and throw off the blanket. One should
never feel that it is useless to follow the Sunnah. With every step one
takes on the path of the Sunnah, one is drawing closer to Rasulullah
(Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) by leaps and boulds, and thus closer to Allah
At the same time, one has to keep in mind that Fardh takes priority over
Sunnah. A continuous effort has to be made to conduct one;s life according
to the correct priorities. It is obvious that as humans, we are bound to
err, to stumble and fear. We have to pick ourselves up and continue the
journey. The aim is to die trying. There is no point at which a person can
claim perfection. This is a lifelong process of trying, of slipping and
trying again. As long as one is trying, the help of Allah Ta’ala is surely
at hand.
Enquire from the local Ulama, they will be able to advise you of a Shaykh of
Tasawwuf in London. Do not be hasty in taking Bay’at. It is important to
thoroughly scrutinize the Shaykh before attaching yourself to him. There,
there must be a mutual congeniality. You should be very comfortable with
your Shaykh, and should naturally feel him to be the best person to guide
you. Without this mutual congeniality (Munaasabaat), there will be little or
no benefit. It is not necessary that the Shaykh has to be in the same town
or country. It is more important that there should be confidence in the
Shaykh. Today, communication over distances is not really a problem. If one
is sincere, Allah Ta’ala will guide you to one most suitable to you.
3. One has to humble oneself even further and seek your mother’s
forgiveness. No such service to her that will please her. Never feel shy to
accept one’s error, and do not shout the slightest disrespect to her.
Continue with your Du’aa that her heart should soften. Insha Allah, she will
soon forgive you and resume talking to you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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