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Is Nafl salaah better than qadah? Can salaatu tasbeeh be read in jama’h? Why does Allah refer to himself as “we”, when he is one?

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I want to read qadha salaat after each fard salaat but I?d like to know if it’s better to pray a Nafl salaat after the every salaat or a qadha salaat? My opinion is that I feel I should read a Nafl salaat after every fard salaat because Nafl has 2 benefits; It brings one closer to Allah (swt) and it also has the ability to make up for one’s missed Fard salaats. However, I need your fatwa dear Mufti sahab because you have the Islamic knowledge and wisdom, unlike myself. 2) The imam for my masjid , makes all of us read salaatut- Tasbeeh with JAMAAT instead of reading individually on shab-e-baraat. Is my salaatut-tasbeeh accepted as if I did it by myself or shall I repeat? Is this ok what he does? 3)What’s the absolute best Dua or dhikr or thing I can do to get my Dua surely accepted ? (eg.) Should I read many nafl and make Dua? or read lots of quran and make dua? etc.? 4) I would like to understand why in the Qur’an in many verses, when Allah (swt) speaks, it is translated as “WE.” For Example, in Surah Inshirah verse number 1, Allah (swt) says “Have WE not expanded for you your chest?” Without doubt Allah (swt) is one. I would just like to understand this misunderstanding of mine. Please clarify. Jazkallahu Khairun. ASsalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


1) it is compulsory to make up for ones missed fardh salaah. This should be done as soon as possible as life is short and death is imminent. If a person passes away and did not make qaada of his fardh salaah he will have to make wasiyyat (bequest) of fidya. If he does not do so he will be sinful and held accountable in the court of Allah. It is also compusaroy to perform the sunnat e muakkadah salaah before and after the farz salaahs. If one leaves out these sunnats, he will also be sinful. It is not necessary to perform nafl salaah. However, to perform nafl sallah is an act of virtue and great reward. It is indeed a means of gaining proximity to Allah. It is important to note that one can never gain proximity to allah only through nafl salaah while discarding fardh salaah. You should give preference to perform your qada salaah. With that perform nafl salaah to the best of your ability.

2) It is not permissible to perform salaatu tasbeeh inn Jamaat.

3) Allah refers to Himself as ?We? in the Quraan as an expression of strength and power.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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