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1)Is it okay for Muslims to talk about their personal matters in a masjid?

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In our masjid, the Muslims, the youth in particular, talk about their day, sports, what they are doing over the weekend, etc. I was wondering if this is okay or not? Also, I wear an Allah necklace and i was wondering, do i have to take it off before going to the bathroom, or can i tuck it under my shirt? One more thing, me and my friend, we are trying to get the youth to get into Islam more. For example, we are telling them not to fall for what the Kafirs tell you or what they want you to do, etc. Me and my friend are female, i am 15 and she is 16. Every Friday, there is a youth Halaqa. Some of the girls come with tight clothes and their shirts are short, etc.Can we confront them about this or should we leave them. Our speaker at the halaqa confronted some of the girls, but they continue to do it. I listen to islamic music such as Soldiers of Allah, Sons of Hagar, etc. Is this haram. Thank you. Jazakh Allah Khair.


1. To talk in the Musjid about personal matters is not permissible. The Musjid is the house of Allah and the purpose of coming to the Musjid is to worship Allah by performing Salaat and occupy oneself in the Dhikr of Allah.

Hadhrat Saaib ib Yazeed [Radhiallaahu anhu] mentions that I was sleeping in Musjid-e-Nabawi, then someone threw the pebble at me. I looked to see and it was Umar [Radhiallaahu anhu]. He called me and said, ?Go and bring those two people to me. Hadhrat Umar [Radhiallaahu anhu] he asked them who they were and from where they came? They replied they were from Taaif. Umar [Radhiallaahu anhu] said, ?If you were from the people of Madina, I would have punished you. You raise your voice in the Musjid of Nabi [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam]>? (Mishkaayt pg.71)

2. It is better that you take off the necklace before going to the bathroom.

3. You should rather leave them and let the authorities handle them.

4. We don’t have information about these Islamic songs. However, if there is music or something that is similar to music, then it is Haraam.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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