Please helpPlease I need help. My family seems to be under some sort of bad luck spell that does not seem to go away.

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Please I need help. My family seems to be under some sort of bad luck spell that does not seem to go away. My parents business seems to be doing ok but something happens and have to start all over again. My sister who is married had some very serious disagreements with her husband and have come home. My younger brother is after a christian girl and regardless of how my parents have tried to explain him the difference between good and bad it does not help.Everything just goes wrong. Can u plz suggest some dua to help my family.


Jazakallah for writing to the institute regarding the difficulties your family finds itself in.

Brother, you should remember that Allah Ta’ala tests all of us in some way or the other. These tests are meant to bring us closer to Him. We are only human and we tend to move away from our Creator and become wrapped up in our worldly affairs like earning a living, accumulating material possessions and having fun. Out of His infinite mercy and Beneficence, Allah Ta’ala puts test before us to remind us that He is the object of our existence in this world. He reminds us that when we put too much effort into our worldly activities, it can happen that we may forget why we really are in this world. Have you noticed that since your family is having more difficulties, all of you are turning towards dua, salaah, the Quran, zikr and istigfar more often? This is what Allah Ta’ala loves, that we turn to Him for all our needs. We remember that Allah Ta’ala’s main object for creating us was that we should first and foremost worship him.

Do not place emphasis on suspicions that others are harming you and your family. Even if it were so, accept that all good and bad comes from Allah Ta’ala. There is no point in accusing anybody. We have to accept that only that which Allah Ta’ala allows to harm us will harm us, and that which Allah Ta’ala means to keep away from us, no matter how anybody may try, it will not harm us. Give abundant sadqa whenever possible. Advise your family to examine their actions and deeds daily and if they find that any of these are not in keeping with Allah Ta’ala’s commands, to give them up immediately. Our sins bring upon us bad consequences, so it is imperative to give up any act which does not earn us the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

Perform every salaah on time daily, read the Quran with understanding and bring the practice of the sunnah and Quran alive into your homes. Remove the television and any material which causes one to commit zinna of the eyes, ears, heart, hands, feet and mind. Ask every adult member of the family to fulfill outstanding zakaat, qurbani and salaah obligations. Abstain from free mixing of the sexes (non mahrams) in the home and motivate the family members to dress appropriately according to the commands of Allah Ta’ala. Bring your lives to closely resemble the sunnah, that is, bring the Sunnah alive in your hearts and in your homes. Is it possible for your sister and her husband to go for marital counseling? I suggest this route as it could be possible that they have a communication problem. Have the two families taken the opportunity to sit and talk to the couple to help them work on the problems they are having? The Quran explains the steps to be followed when a couple are having difficulty in their marriage, so if possible, speak to a learned elder who will insha’allah help the couple to reconcile. As for your brother and his involvement with a non-Muslim woman, I suggest that you ask an imam or senior learned elder to guide and speak to him. It will be best to introduce the lady to Islam, teach her the requirements of deen by asking female members of the family to start teaching her all the relevant aspects of deen. Tell your parents to guide him with tolerance and patience. Insha’allah, All of you will enjoy the Rahma and Mercy of Allah Ta’ala and your difficulties will be lifted. Ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


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