I’m suffering from severe depression because I don’t have any pious friends in this kafir country. My family is too westernised and treats me unfairly due to differences. Your advice please

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It is most certainly a bounty from Allah Ta’ala, that you be chosen to follow and be close to Allah Ta’ala, Nabi [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam], especially in such unfavourable circumstances. Make lots of Shukr. In the Qur’aan, we learn that if you make Shukr, Allah will most definitely increase His bounties upon you. Also remember, if you are fulfilling your Islamic obligations and staying away from sin, then ?Do not grieve, Allah is with us.? Insha Allah, what a great bounty.

Choosing the correct path may bring hurdles. Consider tests and difficulties experienced by the honourable companions of our beloved Rasul [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam]. However, try to read ?Uswai Rasool Akram? on the mannerisms, character and responses of our beloved Rasul [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam].

Your outward example of happiness, cheer, kindness, love, mercy, helping with good deeds, giving gifts to your family, etc. will be such a beautiful example on its own ? no lectures would be needed. But who wants to follow one who is depressed, sad and miserable. When comments are passed, consider it as ?them blowing hot air? and focus your gaze on Allah Ta’ala and keep a cheerful approach. If your striving and patience is solely for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, then Insha Allah, the effect of your efforts will be there. Also avoid ?holier than thou approach?. The more one gets closer to our beautiful creator, the more humble one becomes. Avoid lecturing them ? but gradually with love, encourage them.

As for pious company, keep your links to the correct email. Learn Hadith and Tafseer. Try to obtain lectures, cassettes, CD’s of many esteemed pious rightly guided Ulama. There are many in our country in our opinion and perhaps in your too ? that is also very beneficial in our opinion. Also try to obtain the Ma?ariful Qur’aan commentary, Bahishti Zewar, Uswai Rasool Akram. Company of these literature have proven beneficial for many.

May Allah Ta’ala increase you in your efforts to Deen and help your family and others and guide us all to the correct path and protect us all from the Fitnas that are pouring, Aameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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