Best way of sleeping…What is the best way of sleeping as Ive heard that you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach.

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Salaam….What is the best way of sleeping as Ive heard that you shouldn?t sleep on your stomach. However I have noticed if I sleep on my back or during the night I lay flat I end up having really bad dreams/nightmare. Is this just a coincidence? I have experienced at one time that someone has come on top of me and is trying to strangle me. I cant see their face, they seem to be wearing a robe with a hood that covers their face. They are trying to suffocate me and they are really heavy. I have heard about other people experiencing this…What is this??


It is advisable to sleep on one’s right side facing the Qibla. Before sleeping, recite the four Quls, blow on your palms and pass them around your body.

If you experience nightmares or bad dreams and wake up, spit lightly in that direction, recite Laa hawla wala quwwata illaa billaah and change your direction of sleep.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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