I’ve made Nikah in the presence of only Allah making Him my witness.So does this makes me mehrum to my spouse?

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Asalamu Alaikum, respected sir, ive been madly in love with one my college fellow, i’m very serious about her and always wanted to marry her with a good will and will InshAllah when proper time come.But i’ve been told, and i also know it myself that it is prohibited in Islam to talk, useles, and to have friends with opposite sex. Here i like to mention one thing that i’m in love with that girls with absolutely nothing bad in my mind and i’ve never done ANY THING bad or sinfull to her and nor will i do. So i did nikah by makin Allah Almighty our witness with her, first of all i prayed to Allah that ” oh Allah there is no one else expect U, Your the one, and i’m going to have nikah with this girl with good will and by making U my witness as no other withness can be bigger than Allah”. Then we did nikah, I mean we did every thing whatever is done in nikah including recetation from Holly Quran and consent of the girl and said In the presence of Allah as our witness. And i did this all to make her my mehrum only, as i’ve mentioned above i’ve never done anything sinfull and even wont do after that nikah especially sex untill we are properly married.So please guide me in this matter and tell me that is she my mehrum now so that i can free to talk to her?and will Allah be with me?Please give me some good news.


You may be under the impression that you are being guided by your faultless logic but you are in fact, being misled by Shaytaan.

No, definitely she is still a stranger to you. If both of you are willing, what is the problem in conducting a formal Nikah in the Musjid? Are you afraid of something?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

checked & approved by: MUFTI EBRAHIM DESAI (FATWA DEPT.)

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