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One of my non muslim friend saying that .bible and Quran are both the books of God.why Quran is not changed and bible is changed

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one of my non muslim friend saying that .bible and Quran are both  the books of God.why Quran is not changed and bible is changed ..And he’s telling me to proove that.Bible is a book of god as well and god wouldn’t let anyone to change his book.if it is hcanged then to  proove it .why music is haram? 


Allah Ta’ala created everything around us with an object and purpose. Man has also been created with an object and that is to worship Allah. Allah Ta’ala states, ‘And I have not created Jinn and man except for my worship.’

For the guidance of mankind, Allah sent Anbiyaa (alayhimus salaam) from time to time. Anbiyaa (alayhimus salaam) received revelation from Allah and each religion possesses its own collection of divine scriptures, which constitute the foundation of their beliefs. These scriptures are the material transcription of divine revelation, directly as in the case of Moosa (alayhimus salaam)who received the commandments from Allah, or indirectly as in the case of Eesa and Muhammad [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam] who transmitted to the people the revelation imparted to them by the Angel Jibraeel (alayhimus salaam).

The divine books of every religion are on the same level as being collections of written revelations by Almighty Allah. In fact, the Qur’aan directs all Muslims to believe in the scriptures that precede it. However, as Muslims we believe in the tawrah, Zaboor, Injeel in its original form, i.e. the way it was revealed, to be the word of Allah. But a fundamental question that arises is how authentic are today’s text of the Bibles. It is a question which entails an examination of the bible and other revealed books. History has shown that the bible suffered changes throughout the ages. The revised standard version 1952 and 1971, the new American Standard Bible and the new world translation of the holy scriptures have expunged certain verses compared with the King James Version. Reader’s Digest has reduced the old testament by fifty percent and the new testament by about 25%. Man had interfered with divine revelation by adding and subtracting, we thus find many contradictions in the bible.

Allah Ta’ala sent Prophets to guide mankind, were sinless. If the present day Bible in its entirety is the word of Allah, then why does the Bible degrade many prophets as worshippers of false gods and accuse some of them of incest, rape and adultery. Noah (alayhimus salaam)is shown to have been drunk to the point of becoming naked in the presence of his grown up sons. (Genesis 9:23-24). Sulaiman (alayhimus salaam)was accused not only for having a large harem but also for worship false gods. (1 Kings 11:9-10). Haroon (Aron) (alayhimus salaam)as a prophet who had accompanied his brother Moosa (alayhimus salaam)to go to Pharaoh was accused of having fashioned the golden calf for the Israelites to worship. (Exodus 32:4)

These are a few examples of the Bible accusing the prophets. Did Allah send the wrong people to guide mankind or was the Bible altered? As Muslims, we believe and honour all prophets and all divine scriptures but in their original form. Allah sent to each nation a Prophet as a warner, and some of them with a scripture as a guidance for that particular nation only. The Suhuf to Ebraahim (alayhimus salaam), the Torah to Moosa, The Zaboor to Dawood and the Injeel to Eesa (alayhimus salaam). None of these scriptures remain in its original form. The final Prophet is Muhammad [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam] who was sent with the Qur’aan as a guidance for all mankind anywhere and anytime. Allah, as promised, protected the Qur’aan from being tampered with.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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