Was just wondering weather a female is allowed 2 post on muslim forums.

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1)i was just wondering weather a female is allowed 2 post on muslim forums. i dont directly answer to males but just post in general or  females. my gender is shown but nothing else and a male cannot veiw my profile.

2) does a females sattar 4 namaz include the part between just beneth the jawline but not reaching the top of the neck.

3) how should a female answer tha house phone not knowing weather its a male or a female on the other side and if she has no other options.


1. If the Muslim forum is set up in such a way that it rules out all risk and possibility of strange males and females communicating directly which may be used as a stepping stone to further vice and sin. It will be permissible to post on such a forum. However, we strongly advocate the setting up of female only Muslim forums.

2. As a prerequisite for Salaat, a woman should ensure that her entire body is covered except for her face, feet and hands (upto the wrists). This includes the entire neck including the upper portion thereof. (Raddul Muhtaar vol.1 pg.406; HM Saeed)

3. As a necessity, a woman is allowed to answer the phone. However, after establishing that the person on the other side is a male stranger, a woman should ensure not to speak in soft and alluring tones. (Surah33 Aayat32). Furthermore, the communication should be limited to the need.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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