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When is iqaamah required?

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When is iqaamah required?

There are times when I have to read my salaah alone (at home) because I missed the jamaat (e.g. I was stuck in traffic). 1. Do I need to make iqaamah? 2. If yes, is it for the fardh salaah only or for the sunnats and nafl as well? 3. Must I make iqaamah when I read qadha of a fardh or witr? 4. Must I make iqaamah when performing nafl salaah such as Istikhaarah?


Iqaamat is Sunnah for the Faraaidh Salaats only. (al-Nahr al-Faaiq vol.1 pg.173; Qadeemi)

There is no Iqaamat for Witr, Sunnats and Nafl Salaats. Iqaamat should also be made for Qadhaa of Fardh Salaat if performed with Jamaat or it is performed in seclusion individually. It is best to abstain from making Iqaamat when performing Qadhaa of Fardh individually or in public. (Ibid pgs.177-178)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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