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Lot of youth go to pubs and cinemas to watch football

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

i live in england today in england alot of people are interested in football and in england football dosent come on the nomal tv channels but you have to have sky to watch it which costs £30 a month for sky sports this is very expensive for alot of people so alot of the muslims youth go to watch the footbal in snooker clubs which are all selling bear  and alcohol salats are also missed what i wanted to ask in the near futer we are going to open a youth club which will be running under the supervision of ulamas where strict rules which will be made eg reading salat at the salat times islamic dressing we are also thinking of putting the skysports channel so people will not have to go to the pubs to watch the football we will make shaw that only mens sports are shown and nothing else would shariah permit us doing this to save people from going to the pubs and bad influences the main reason we are opening this youth club is to bring the youth back towards islam


We commend you for your dedication and serving the youth. This is indeed a great service for the Ummah for which you will be greatly rewarded. Inshallah

The environment in which the youth are brought up nowadays is indeed disturbing. They are been attracted to various evils and vices which is very difficult for them to resist. Youth programmes or clubs such as yours is the ideal place in nurturing these young blossoming flowers who will be the leaders of tomorrow. It is important that the environment at these clubs is healthy and conducive to practising Deen. The youth in these clubs should be baked with true Islam and Deen thus making them such leaders who will up hold the banner of true Islam and Deen.

Islam is a complete way of life. The example of Deen is like a motor car. In order for that car to take you from point A to point B, all the apparatus of the car has to be in working condition. Every component is vital for that car to fulfil its duty. If the pressure in the tyres are not given due importance (although free of charge) and the tyre happens to loose all its pressure, the car will not move. Similarly is Deen, we cannot compromise on certain issues of Deen and consider them “trivial”. Every aspect of Deen is important.

According to Shariah, it is not permissible to watch television. Alternate permissible forms of activities should be introduced.

And Allah Knows Best

Ml. Zakariyah Desai
STUDENT: Darul Ifta

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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