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Gave divorce (talaq) under force

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i gave my wife a divorce that i didnt want to give. i was in pressure so when i went to notorized the divorce paper the guy asked me to signed the paper so i did but i didnt know that i was signing as i was giving divorce. he told me to sign so i can take the paper if i didnt singned he would’nt give me the paper. then i went to her dad and showed the paper. there was mufti sitting with us and my wife and my 2 friends as witness. mufti sahab didnt ask me to say tallaq 3 times he just told my friends to sign that was it and my wife went home. i want to know if im divorced or not cause i want to get back with her.


Your question is not clear. Did you issue the divorces verbally and then sign the document of divorce?

If this is the case, the divorces are valid. If you did not issue the three divorces verbally, what do you mean by pressure and notorising papers. Please elaborate.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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