Is it ok for me to marry a girl who wants to marry me too, even though her parents don’t want me for her

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Is it ok for me to marry a girl who wants to marry me too, even though her parents don’t want me for her

Is it ok for her to tell her parents that she dont want to get married to any one else except me. Is it ok to marry someone against your parents will. Would it consider a gunnah? Alot of proposals are coming for her and she keep saying no to them, what should she do? Please guide me to the right way.


In principle, if an adult boy and girl wishes to marry, they have the right to do so. They do not require the consent of their parents. If they marry, the marriage will be valid.

The above is a straight forward rule of Shari’ah. However, it is important for you to consider marriage in its practical way of life. Although marriage primarily concerns the spouses, but it also concerns the family of the spouses. The spouses are required to interact with each other’s families. You state, the girl wants to marry you but her parents are not agreeable. How would you conduct your marriage in real life in relation to her parents and family. Furthermore, she is a girl with feelings and emotions. She is not strong to bear the pressure and displeasure if she marries you without her parent’s approval. You will have to go through all this and live a life of uncertainty. This is not the spirit of marriage. The purpose of marriage is to get peace and tranquility. The girl should be advised to consider her parent’s choice for her. She should also openly discuss her feelings with her parents and inform them the reason she is refusing all the proposals. The parents will never understand if she is not open with them. There is no point in her being shy and afraid. She has to make an appropriate decision for life. If she gets the approval of her parents, then only you should consider marrying her.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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