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What area consists of beard and what area may be removed?

Assalaamualaikum Dear Mufti Sahab. 1) I?m sorry but I don’t understand the area where its permissible to remove the beard hairs between the jawbone or along that region. Is there a diagram that shows what area of hairs may be removed and what area consists of the beard where it shouldn?t be removed. What area makes up the beard? Some people in my area shave their whole cheeks and have beards growing from the neck downward. I just want to keep my beard according to the sunnah while maintaining tidiness and shape in it because my friends and family complain to me that it looks uncivilized because my beard is very curly and has many stray hairs; I even have hair near and around my eyes. I use some cream to tame it however, it helps but little. Therefore can you explain to me in a simple manner what area of hair on cheeks may be removed and on or below the neck. It would really help if you can send a drawn picture of which parts on facial hair can be removed, In the response e-mail if possible.2) Is it Permissible to remove the hair on the right and left ends of the mustache where the mustache and and goatee meet? 3)What about hair right under the bottom lip until the upper chin? 4) Is it allowed to trim the sideburns a little of the beard but let the bottom grow?Jazakallhu khair Dear Muftis For all your help.


An easy way to find out which part of the beard falls on the jawbone, is to open the mouth, then to feel along the beard. Wherever is hard, is the jawbone, while when you feel along the cheeks it is soft. This soft area may be trimmed.

Similarly the hair growing on the throat may be removed, while that on the chin may not be. A simple way of differentiating between the two, is that those hairs growing towards the face would be classified as part of the chin, while those growing away from the face, would be classified as part of the neck.

It is permissible to remove the hair at the end of the moustache, while the hair under the lip may not be removed. It is permissible to trim the sideburns, however the portion that falls on the jawbone may not be trimmed. The start of the jawbone may be easily felt as it protrudes distinctly.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Husain Kadodia
STUDENT: Darul Ifta


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