Sin was repeated after taking a heavy oath, please suggest repentance and it will never be committed again inshallah.

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I took an oath by placing hand in quran that I will not commit a sin and if repeated I asked Allah to make me most unsuccessful person. However, sin was repeated, with knowing all the consequences. However, if felt very guilty about it and once again I placed hand in quran and asked Allah if repeated next time then forsaken of your Jalal never forgive me no mater what. I feel very bad about all what has happened. Please convey how to repent/ kafara. This sin inshallah will never be committed over my entire life time (Amen).


Perform Wudhu and perform two Rakaats of Salaat with the intention of Salaat al-Tawbah (Salaat of forgiveness) and thereafter make du’aa with utmost regret and remorse and ask Allah to forgive you. Also give some Sadaqah. Insha Allah, Allah will forgive you.

In future, do not take oaths that you will not commit the sin again. Rather, beg of Allah to save you from that sin.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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